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to Men Struggling with Addiction... one life at a time

 My name is Brant and my story is a story about the keeping power of Jesus Christ.  I grew up in South Carolina where I went to church every Sunday, learned to work hard and hunted or fished every moment in between.  At the age of 16 I began experimenting with sex, drugs, and alcohol.  I can still remember the moment when I crossed the line from “having fun” to becoming a “SLAVE,” after I smoked crack cocaine one night, alone.  My addictions to sex, drugs and pleasure have taken me in and out of rehabs, jails and near death experiences.
Proverbs 5:8-14 warns us that chasing after sin WILL bring many consequences.  I have forfeited my good name, my wealth, my strength, my family and everything else that I’ve valued most in my life to my addictions.  The Bible speaks TRUTH when it says that a man WILL reap what he sows.
It is only by the grace and mercy of our Heavenly Father that He, despite me, called me, once again to get on my knees and surrender. 
ROFMhas been a tool that God has used to cultivate this barren garden inside of me so that it may bear fruit of righteousness.  I thank God for not forsaking me, for not giving up on me and for keeping  a flame of hope alive in my heart so that I can serve Him and be a Godly dad to my 5 beautiful kids.  

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Since 2012, Revelations of Freedom Ministries (ROFM) has devoted themselves to helping men who struggle with life controlling issues (such as drugs or alcohol).  To see more visit our information page.  If you have a loved one or know of someone who is in need of our help please visit our admissions page.  We believe that ROFM provides an excellent opportunity for transformation to take place as the student learns and applies biblical principles that are taught by the staff and the community.  We have woven God's incredible Love and grace into the fabric of our program to be a foundation in which we operate. As a result, students are able to reach their full potential as sons, fathers, husbands, employees, and as leaders.  

"The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few" - Matthew 9:37

Addiction affects everyone in some way, whether it is a loved one or a friend. We need help supporting our ministry with volunteers and those who would like to give financially. 

   For HELP Simply Call 717-351-5680  ask for Admissions or visit us today...the Intake process is fast and easy.

ROFM or Revelations of Freedom Ministries is a faith-Based, Christ-Centered Discipleship program for men struggling with addiction.  We attribute the success of our program to the Jesus factor in our program, evidence that Jesus Christ 'still set's the captives free.'   Should you or someone you know be struggling with addiction call today...there is a way out!

ROFM is a Bible-based, Holy Spirit informed ministry committed to glorifying God by leading the addicted into life-long freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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If you have a loved one who needs help, click below for information on how to get them into Revelations of Freedom Ministries.  We believe every person can be redeemed by the power of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Samuel Mwangi  BS