The back side of the ROFM Men's Center of Hope will offer a convenient drop off location for donations. 

Board Member Marvin Weaver who is spear-heading this project answering questions during Ground Breaking ceramony.


Donations are now being accepted of gently used items for the Freedom Thrift Store.  Store hours and Donation times are 9 AM to 5 PM Tuesday through Saturday.  We are located at 114 Ranck Church Rd. New Holland, Pa  17557.  Our building is right behind the Blue Ball Post Office. You will see signs directing you to back of building for dropping off donations.  We need your donations now. We are also looking for volunteers to help in the thrift store. This endeavor will help move ROFM to a state of financial self-sufficiency. Just come to the back of the store and drop off your items.  If you have any questions call 717-356-0831 or email

personalized help

Revelations of Freedom Ministries believes that each individual needs individualized attention because we are all different.  Therefore, emphasis is put on working with a person where they are at.

Discipleship training

Revelations of Freedom Ministries has and continues to work with men who have life- controlling problems find freedom through Jesus Christ.

Foundation History

ROFM is a faith-based discipleship program

Revelations of Freedom Ministries

 ​   Faith Based Programs Show Highest Success Rate Nationwide

Elwood leading by Example.

The ROFM Board of Directors at Ground Breaking

The program consists of four core Stages that each implement a specific process of holistic personal development. After completion of the first 6 months the student enters Stage 4-Reintegration and begins a process of re-acclamation into the community and establishing an ongoing  culture of accountability. This includes employment, a home church and support group, while continuing their individual and group counseling, work therapy, and many other opportunities that assist them in developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. Stage 5 offers two tracks: 1) Up to two years of on-site transitional living via a mentored contract. 2) A 2-phase 12 month Internship program for qualifying students.


Revelations of Freedom Ministries is a Bible-based, Holy Spirit informed ministry committed to glorifying God by leading the addicted into life-long freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Statistics based on studies performed by both Universities such as Northwestern University, Illinois and government studies show a success rate of 72-86% for those who complete a 12-14 month FAITH-BASED inpatient program compared to secular programs. These statistics are based on 5 to 7 years out from completion.  Indeed the difference is the faith factor..the Christ factor....evidence that Jesus Christ still 'sets captives free!'

ROFM Thrift Store Now Open!

​The ROFM Men's Center of Hope is located at 114 Ranck Church Road  New Holland, Pa.

Revelations of Freedom Ministries (ROFM) is a minimum 10 month residential discipleship training center for men struggling with drug & alcohol addiction and secondary life-controlling problems.  ROFM is committed to nurturing, facilitating, and empowering significant success through the healing power of Jesus Christ and through our unique 5-Stage model of discipleship and family program in order to bring about Life and Freedom from the otherwise death-style of addiction. 


    Revelations of Freedom Ministries was founded as a 501c3 faith-based agency in 2012 by Christian businessmen from Lancaster and York Counties who recognized the great need to bring relief and freedom to those struggling with addiction and to this horrendous drug epidemic.  Since that time ROFM has been a tremendous refuge and place of HOPE-HELP-HEALING to hundreds of individuals and their families struggling with devastating effects of addiction. Over these many years ROFM has had the immense pleasure to release the once lost and hopeless back their  community and become successful followers of Jesus Christ and productive members of society.