Larry has come to this position with a seasoned background in addiction. Larry struggled with addiction for 3 decades, but he has been free of addictions for many years now.  He credits faith-based programs, like ROFM, with his recovery. "I went through a number of secular treatment programs but it was the Christ Factor that made the difference for me," said Larry in a recentinterview with Ann Mead Ash. I am a graduate of Teen Challenge who has one of the highest success rates in the nation at 72-86 %.  Larry ran a Crisis Referral Center and Thrift store in North Carolina and worked for Teen Challenge of Wisconsin before taking the leap of faith that lead him to ROFM. 

It is through personal experience that Larry has witnessed the truth and reality that, Jesus Christ still sets the captives still breaking the chains of addiction, restoring lives, and...makes all things new!

Statistics based on studies performed by both Universities such as Northwestern University, Illinois and government studies show a success rate of 72-86% for those who complete a 12-14 month FAITH-BASED inpatient program compared to secular programs. These statistics are based on 5 years out from completion of a program such as Teen Challenge or ROFM.  Secular programs have a 1-15% success rate.   Both Larry Daughenbaugh Executive Director and Jason Peduzzi House Director of ROFM are living proof that programs such as ROFM work.  Indeed the difference is the faith factor..the Christ factor....evidence that Jesus Christ still 'sets captives free!'

​​ROFM, Making a Difference...One Life at a Time.

Changed Lives

    Revelations of Freedom Ministries was founded by Christian businessmen from Lancaster and York Counties who are visionaries.  ROFM is a 501c3 faith-based agency.  In 2012 ROFM opened its doors to its first students.  As the ministry began to grow, the Board of Directors decided that we needed a second home where students could go to transition from an inpatient facility to the community.  In 2013 ROFM opened the 2nd phase to help the men transition back to the community and become successful followers of Jesus Christ.

    Today we encourage our students to remain in our transitional housing as long as is needed.  


After the 1st phase, the men transfer to the 2nd phase where they begin to practice the skills they are taught.  The men get jobs, find accountability, become connected in the church, and continue to grow in maturity.  They can remain in our transitional housing as long as needed to gain strength, structure, and stability in their sobriety.

In the 1st phase men go to class, have individual and group counseling, work therapy, and many other opportunities that will assist them in developing a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Revelations of Freedom Ministries (ROFM) is a 12 to 18 month residential discipleship training center for men battling various life-controlling problems (such as drugs and alcohol).  The program consists of Phase 1 and Phase 2.  Each phase can be from 4 to 9 months long, depending on the student's personal development.


Larry Daughenbaugh

Executive Director

personalized help

Revelations of Freedom Ministries believes that each individual needs individualized attention because we are all different.  Therefore, emphasis is put on working with a person where they are at.

Discipleship training

Revelations of Freedom Ministries has and continues to work with men who have life- controlling problems find freedom through Jesus Christ.


To evangelize men and their families and make them disciples of Jesus Christ, and prepare them for service in their local church, community, and world.

Our ROFM 'Men's center of hope' leadership team

Foundation History

ROFM is a faith-based discipleship program

Offering HOPE-HELP to men and families struggling with addiction.

ROFM Men's Center of Hope

Elwood leading by Example.

 ​   Faith Based Programs Show Highest Success Rate Nationwide